HistoryIt is always a joy when we are surprised by art when we open doors or books.

My sources come from Art History. I got inspired on periods such as Rococo, Neoclassicism and Post-impressionism.
Being able to practice those three styles opened the doors to both art and editorial markets for me.

Rococo period was throughout Europe in the XVIII century. Its themes celebrated pleasure, sharing of mutual feelings and joy of human integration. Those searches are part of our lives and I bring them to most of my paintings as subject matters.

Neoclassicism came to France in late XVIII century and stood for the same republican efforts of French Revolution. The aesthetic was realistic. It aimed for clear objectives and emotions. Brush strokes were gradual and with contrasting palettes. Those are useful qualities for didactic books I illustrate for British, American and Brazilian markets nowadays.

From Post-impressionism, (beginning of XX century), I absorbed the flexibility of perspective from Toulouse-Lautrec, black lines from Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin and the deconstruction of depths by Paul Cézanne. These visual features are in my paintings and illustrations for children’s books.

If an image must have the power to captivate, tell a story or celebrate victories its got to seduce. Beauty attracts, stimulates and calls for curiosity. We want to know more, we search for knowledge and reach transcendence.

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About Me

I started my career at the age of 17 in 1989. That was 29 years ago. 6 years of those were dedicated to 2D animation and 23 to paintings and illustrations. In Animation I worked for 4 years in a studio in Rio de Janeiro named CCAA plus 2 years in another studio in Dublin (Ireland) named Terraglyph. I Also took part in the Disney’s production “Aladdin” as a freelancer animator. The TV series was produced in 1994 and gathered several countries including Brazil.
Today I live in Brasilia with my wife and son.
I make my living out of arts and illustrations.


  • 2001 Winner of O Globo Brazilian newspaper painting contest - "The Mummy Returns". Award: a trip for two from Rio to London (Hotel Renascence Chancery Court), Cairo (Hotel Four Seasons) and Sharm el Sheik (Hotel Carlton Ritz) to visit the places were the movie was shot.
  • 1989 Winner of “Jornal do Brasil” Brazilian newspaper painting contest -"Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Award: A trip for two to Disneyworld Rio-Maiami-Orlando-Miami-Rio.
  • 1989 Winner of Claybon butter painting competition - "Menininha Nhac". Award: a boogie.
  • 1987 Second in Rogerio Steinberg painting competition - Award: windsurf.

  • International exhibitions

    • 2015 - Biennial of Illustration Bratislava - Slovakia
    • 2013 - The Art Of Story - Boston Children`s Hospital - United States
    • 2013 - Bologna Illustrators Exhibition - Italy
    • 2013 - Itabashi Art Museum - Tokio - Japan
    • 2013 - Otani Memorial Art Museum - Japan
    • 2013 - Kawara Museum of Takahama City - Japan
    • 2013 - IshiKawa Nanao Art Museum - Japan
    • 2007 - Biennial of Illustration Bratislava - Slovakia
    • 2005 - Biennial of Illustration Bratislava - Slovakia
    • 2003 - Society of Children`s Book Writers and Illustrators - exhibited in Bologna – Italy

    Brazilian exhibitions

    • 2017 - Soirée Toccata Latin night
    • 2017 - 2017 - Traçando Histórias - Porto Alegre
    • 2014 - Biennial of books Sao Paulo - AEILIJ
    • 2013 - Morar Mais - Brasília
    • 2013 - FLIPIRI – Pirenópolis
    • 2012 - Tracing Histories - Porto Alegre
    • 2008 - Tracing Histories - Porto Alegre
    • 2004 - Tracing Histories - Porto Alegre

    Illustrated books: 215

    International publishers who hire me
    USA: Barefoot books, Heinemann books, Point B agency, International Bible Society, etc
    England: Usborn Books, Macmillan, Oxford University Press, Ladybird, etc
    Portugal: Leya Publisher
    Italy: ELI Readers
    South Korea: Aga World and Bricks Publishing

    Brazilian publishers
    Moderna, Companhia das Letras, FTD, Objetiva, Nova Fronteira, Rocco, Editora do Brasil, Editora Elementar, etc

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